1. Do I need to have English ability to be eligible to apply for Investor visas ?

No, you do not have to.  You can select to pay a second Visa Application Charge if your application is assessed as being one for approval.

2. Can I bring my family members with me to Australia through Investor visas ?

Yes,  you can bring members of your family unit with you

3. How long it will take to process my investor visas ?

It depends on which stream of investor visas,  can be 6 – 18 months.

4. Which type of Investor Visas has the lowest minimum investment requirement ?

The innovation stream has the lowest minimum investment requirement.

5. Which type of Investor visas have the lowest residence requirement ?

The Significant Investor stream has the lowest residence requirement

6. Are there requirements around the source of funds I use to make complying investment ?

You must demonstrate that the assets or funds you use to make the complying investment are unencumbered and lawfully acquired.

7.  Can I extend my Investor visas ?

If you meet the requirements for the Significant Investor Extension stream, you are able to be granted another provisional Significant Investor Visa if you wish.

8. Do I still have to hold my complying investments once my Permanent Significant Visa is granted ?

If you are granted a permanent Significant Investor Visa, you are no longer required to hold the complying investments. To be granted a permanent Significant Investor visa, you must genuinely have a realistic commitment to maintain business or investment activities in Australia, but they do not need to be made via complying investments.